Our Approach

Our Approach

We deploy a six-pillar approach to discover, design, develop and implement integrated marketing and advertising solutions. This six pillars approach helps us devise the most relevant, targeted and actionable solutions for our clients while focusing on key performance indicators and metrics that matter the most. 

Six Pillars Approach of Organik Media

  • Understand: We start with understanding the client’s profile and conducting an audit of their marketing efforts and digital properties. We then understand the client’s needs and map the relevant solutions  ccordingly.

  • Analyse: We then analyse the client’s competitive landscape and conduct a deep review of the  peer companies in the niche. We contemplate various integrated marketing solutions based on the target audience in question to deliver the programs that best resonate with them.

  • Design: We then design high impact integrated marketing solutions by focusing on SEM, SEO, Social media brand management, content marketing, PR, offline marketing, programmatic buying, media buying services, to name a few.

  • Execute: Execution involves implementing the solutions and launching the plan as contemplated in the previous stages. The execution team makes sure that all the standard operating procedures are followed in totality to mitigate the risk. The execution is our GTM (go-to-market strategy) for the brand in question.

  • Assess: We devise necessary KPIs and Metrics for each of the programs we designed and map the same to them to ensure we can measure the success of our marketing efforts.

  • Optimise: Based on the feedback and assessments, we optimise our integrated marketing solutions to deliver the best possible ROI to our clients. 

    This approach helps us discover, design, develop, implement and measure company-wide strategic integrated marketing and advertising interventions to deliver measurable performance against campaign objectives. Apart from this, Organik Media’s fluency  in search, programmatic and social media marketing makes us your preferred concierge for a wide suite of global offerings.